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Express Call

Best for: Families who need quick D.I.Y sleep advice to implement after the call. Designed for less complicated sleeping issues - Age: Any age


The Express Baby Sleep Call is a 30-minute phone call for mama’s who need the know-how on D.I.Y sleep improvements. The call is to help you understand and navigate through some of the less complicated sleeping issues your baby might be facing.


Jennifer will provide advice on how to deal with the particular sleep problem you are experiencing and send you one follow up email with everything discussed.


Before our call takes place, Jennifer will have assessed the answers in your questionnaire, so she comes in, armed with sleeping tips to guide you on any areas that need tweaking.


If at the end of our call, you feel you need the additional support and guidance to see the sleeping problem through, you can upgrade to a program that has more support.

Express Call

  • What to expect:

    • 30 minute phone call
    • One follow up email
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