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'JENtle' Co-Sleeping to Cot Program

Best for: Families who would like an extremely slow, gentle and graded approach to help transition their baby into the cot - Age: 6 months +


When done safely, co-sleeping can be a beautiful and bonding experience. But what happens if your once amazing bed buddy starts to keep everyone up at night?

If your baby has spent most of their life sleeping within arm’s reach of you, the transition into a cot can be a huge adjustment. Good news is, that it absolutely can be done AND in a loving and gentle manner.


My Newborn – Baby Sleep Consulting believe that co-sleeping babies in particular need small and gradual changes to help them feel comfortable and secure in their new sleeping environment. 


Over a period of 28 days, together they will work slowly to transform your baby into an independent sleeper (and not to mention, you get your bed back to yourself mama!).

'JENtle' Co-Sleeping to Cot Program

  • What to expect:

    • 45 minute phone call
    • 28 days support
    • An in-depth phone conversation to understand your baby and help determine what the best and most gentle steps are to take.
    • 7 days of preparation – working on the new environment, emotional well-being, communication, building trust, security and connection with your baby.
    • Comprehensive daily guidance to help your baby move through the different stages she or he needs to learn in order to start sleeping independently. 
    • 21 Days of logging support. 
    • Additional 7 days of emailing support if needed.
    • Lots of moral support to see these changes through.
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