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Overnight Program - 3 Nights

Best for: Families who need the full overnight support and would like the option of the Baby Sleep Consultant to do most of the sleep training - Age: 6 months +


What to expect:

My Newborn – Baby Sleep Consultant’s Overnight Sleep Program is specifically designed to help babies who are struggling to settle and sleep through the night. Depending on your needs this program can be booked for 1 -3 nights.


For families who want to learn the hands-on tools and be guided by the Baby Sleep Consultant, one night is sufficient. For families who prefer to have a professionally trained Baby Sleep Consultant there every step of the way (and do the hardest parts), 2-3 nights are recommended.


As a guide, if everything has been implemented correctly, by night three, you will see a huge difference in your baby’s ability to put him or herself to sleep and sleeping longer stretches at night.

Overnight Program - 3 Nights

  • What to expect:

    • 1-3 nights in-home
    • 21 days support
    • Your Baby Sleep Consultant will arrive at your home at 5pm to meet you and your baby before the sleep training begins. You will go through the usual mealtime, bath and bedtime routine. During this time, you will receive sleep education, start to understand why your baby is not sleeping well and what to expect throughout the Overnight Program.
    • During the sleep program you will be guided on how to implement a number of sleep training techniques to help your baby to learn how to self-settle and sleep through the night. If you book the one night program, we address the wake-ups together. If you book the two or three night program, you have the opportunity to catch up on sleep while your Baby Sleep Consultant implements the training.
    • Arrival on the first night is 5:00pm, leaving at 6/7am. Subsequent nights start at 10:00pm. Extra hours can be added if desired.
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