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Remote Program

This holistic, personalised and comprehensive program is for families that would like help to solve any or all of these areas:


  • Self-settling
  • Sleeping longer overnight
  • Knowing how to resettle after waking
  • Falling asleep independently for naps
  • Linking sleep cycles in the day


Jen will also take a deep look into your baby’s nutrition to ensure they are receiving adequate amounts of milk/solids to help reduce overnight feeds (if that’s your goal).


Remote Program

  • Newborn Sleep:

    • What to Expect
    • How Much Sleep Does a Newborn Need?
    • Awake Time Average
    • Sleep Needs By Age
    • Tired Signs / Sleep Cues Day & Night Confusion
    • Sleep Cycle
    • Eat Play Sleep Schedule
    • Sleep environment.
    • Feeding information (breast and bottle).
    • Settling Your Baby (and Jennifer’s most gentle hands on settling technique).
    • Jennifer’s personal ‘JENtle’ Sleep Shaping Routine’ that can help teach your baby to sleep well from the beginning.

    The beauty of this program is that it is completely unique and personalised as we (together!) create a sleep training path that takes into consideration:

    Your baby’s:

    • Health
    • Weight
    • Age
    • Personality
    • Temperament and
    • Your parenting philosophy – choosing a method that feels right for you and your baby.


    After our detailed conversation, I will be holding your hand throughout the entire sleep training process to help you achieve your goals. The support includes a comprehensive feedback and logging system that allows me to closely monitor your baby’s progress and helps you implement everything we discussed during our call.

    In real-time, multiple times a day, we will be communicating to make all the necessary adjustments to help teach your baby how to sleep through the night and take restorative naps in the day.


    Most families achieve all of their goals (and more!) within one to two weeks of starting the program (some luckier families, in as little as 24 – 72 hours!!).

    The beauty of this program is, we can start on the day you decide you want to book in!

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