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Parenting with Purpose - A Reflection and Self Care Journal

Parenting is tough! Our children dont come with instruction manuals, and we have to learn to navigate a brand new relationship that requires us to change the way we think and respond to things. But often because of the mental load, stress or simply due to the sheer amount of new things we are having to consider we can fall into auto-pilot mode and react, rather than consciously respond to our children and the parenting challenges we are facing.


The purpose of this reflective journal is to not only build your emotional awareness and capacity as a parent, it will also help you uncover aspects of your “self” which drive your reactions. When we understand what drives us and why, we have a better chance of adapting and aligning how we respons.

As a psychologist Rachel has used her clinical skills to purposefully create each activity to elicit reflections and help you process your thoughts and feelings about parenting - bringing unconscious patterns to light so you have a better chance of responding, rather than reacting and learning how to parent with purpose instead.


How to use the journal:

There is no right, or wrong way to self reflect. Some may choose to sit down and methodically work through the reflections in order, or complete them in one sitting. Some may pick and choose the activity that reflects a moment or experience they are struggling with. Activities can be completed solo and self paced, or can be used in conversation or to support communication with co-parents, or likeminded friends.


Recording your responses:

Although there is space to enter text and save the PDF journal as you progress, you may wish to choose to handwrite or verbally record how you feel in response to certain activities. You can also revisit these reflective prompts at any time, typically when your child is navigating a new developmental stage, which challenges you in a different way, or if you find yourself slipping back into old habits and reactions that just arent working for you. Please remember that this is a digital download, not a physical journal.


What happens after you purchase the Journal:

You will be given 24 hours to download the PDF once payment has been received. Once downloaded save the PDF to your computer or phone, then review and print a copy (using a program like Adobe or similar). You can print in black and white or colour. Print in portrait (NOT landscape). You can print as many times as needed, or you can use digital programs to record your response directly onto the PDF rather than printing.


Professional notice:

No actual or implied therapeutic relationship exists between author/seller and the buyer/users of this reflective journal. The journal is not intended to replace mental health care and supports. The journal can be used as an effective add-on tool for individuals who have completed therapy/counselling in the past and are looking to examine parenting responses and strategies, and can also be used by individuals on a self-identity and develop building journey as a form of self-help.


By purchasing, downloading and/or printing this journal you are agreeing to adhere to PERSONAL USE only of this document (including not re-distributing or re-purposing the activities) - the content is Rachel Tomlinson’s intellectual property

Parenting with Purpose - A Reflection and Self Care Journal

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