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The birth of Mumken

Hi there, I’m Sabina. A not so new mother to a beautiful and cheeky little boy, Thomas and more recently bub Julian. Tom was a covid babe and looking back on my birth and the time that has passed, it’s a bit of a haze. I knew the journey to motherhood would be a rollercoaster, but I didn’t realise just how overwhelming the amount of information about this next chapter of my life would be. I simply wasn’t prepared for the amount of noise that would surround a new, naive and vulnerable mother. 


I felt relatively prepared in the lead up to my first birth (as much as anyone giving birth during a pandemic could be). But once the birth and the 4th trimester were done and dusted, I really started to feel alone. Then the doubt started creeping in. I’d find myself searching for endless topics like teething signs, best introductory foods, sleep routines, symptoms of a prolapse and postnatal depression to name a few. And, the results would confuse me even more. 


Thanks to the digital age, information overload is far more prevalent. There are so many views and theories that oppose and contradict one another. A sea of unaccredited opinions, packaged and tailored as gospel. Combine this with so many sleepless nights and a rapidly changing way of life and it felt impossible to make sense of it all. 


Having not been given adequate information before the birth, meant that I was still dealing with the recovery a year later, trying to piece together solutions from the countless number of contradicting opinions. I couldn’t believe that there was no centralised hub where a new mum can go, virtually or otherwise. 


Don’t get me wrong, there is an amazing amount of helpful info and support out there that focuses on the prenatal stage, first 6 weeks post birth as well as the developmental milestones for bub - but no actual centralised place to piece it all together. A supportive community where you could find information on sleep, nutrition, restorative exercise, mental and physical health and everything in between for both parent and child. A place that also focuses on a woman’s transformation and development as well as that of bub’s beyond the 4th trimester.  


And so, Mumken was born. 


Mumken is intended to provide accredited, objective information across key areas affecting both mothers and newborns as well as foster a community of support and encouragement. This hub is a passion project for me. It is a space where I have collated sources and information from professionals that are experts in their field, in the hope that it will help new mothers sift through all the clutter to find the advice they are looking for.


I hope Mumken contributes to the important discussion about the lack of ongoing support at a broader level that new mothers need across all areas, areas that they don’t even know they might need advice on yet. Here's to a healthier future for all of us.

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