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It's no surprise how important sleep is for all of us. According to, sleep is essential not only for our physical health, but also refreshes our mind and helps to repair our body. As a new parent, you quickly start to understand how horrific lack of sleep really is. It causes a range of issues including fatigue and poor concentration, memory loss, as well as mood swings, impaired judgment and delayed reaction time.


The most common cause listed for sleep deprivation is early parenthood. Whilst as new parents we might be prepared for the sleepless nights, some of us might not have expected it to last for 1, 2 years, or more.

There are so many opinions and services when it comes to this topic, especially as it is an unregulated area to an extent. The most important element I found is making sure that whatever you're looking into, the advice, training, or information comes from trained, accredited sources in the medical field. However, make sure you trust your intuition too. If a certain program, theory, or advice doesn't feel right for you and your little one, don't pursue it accredited or not.

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