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Motherhood - a universal role that can seem so familiar, yet so foreign at the same time. 

When it comes to giving birth and motherhood I don't think you can completely know what to expect and that's the beauty of it. We can shape the journey as we go along and hopefully find the time to reflect and learn along the way. So far, what I have learnt is that being a mother is a humbling, challenging and yet an amazingly fulfilling experience. For me, my journey started full of self doubt, worry and fear. Trying to find my groove and confidence as a new mum was made all the more difficult by the constant reminder of a global pandemic that seemed to make things even more alarming. But as time passed, so did these initial feelings and I realised that opening up and talking about how I felt did me and my family a world of good.   


Making sure we are aware of our mental health and the pressures we can at times encounter is immensely important. These are challenging and complicated times for all of us. We're all trying to adjust to a post pandemic life. Now more than ever we need to encourage this discussion because when we vocalise it, the progress truly begins. 

Here are some articles written by qualified experts in relation to motherhood and mental health. 

Please know it is OK to have questions, to worry, but most importantly it is OK to ask for help.

Here are some amazing resources that offer support.


National Perinatal Helpline  1300 726 306 -1300 851 758

Beyond Blue.  -  0403 515 764

Kids Helpline  - 1800 55 1800

Relationships Australia  - 1300 364 277

1800 RESPECT  - 1800 737 732

Lifeline  - 13 11 14

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