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Hiring a Baby Sleep Consultant – what to look for.

Searching for a Baby Sleep Consultant in Sydney can be a daunting task. You need to feel comfortable with your selection, as the journey to addressing your little ones sleep challenges is often an emotional one – one where you will rely on the guidance and support of the sleep consultant throughout the entire process.

Consider these points when searching for the right baby sleep consultant for your family:

Knowledge of the baby sleep specialist – is the baby sleep specialist professionally trained with the various sleep training methods or do they only practise with one particular method? Do they take a holistic approach in teaching your little one how sleep? Do they consider a baby’s personality and temperament when recommending a particular sleep training method? How long has the baby sleep specialist been working in the field? How many families have they helped? What is the baby sleep coach’s success rate to help a baby sleep through the night?

Determine the fit – do you prefer a structured approach or do you feel more comfortable with a gentle baby sleep training approach when it comes to making changes to your baby’s sleeping habits? Many untrained baby sleep specialists are quick to prescribe the cry-it-out method, which may go against your philosophy or doesn’t fit with your baby’s personality or temperament.

There are a number of baby sleep training methods and approaches available to parents to help teach their baby to sleep. Most of these approaches fall into one of three categories;

1). No-cry methods 2). Crying methods and 3). Methods that sit somewhere in between options 1 and 2. It is the baby sleep trainer’s job to work closely with parents to determine what method is best suited to their parenting philosophies and then equip them with the tools, education and strategies they need to help improve their little ones sleep.

Before you hire your baby sleep trainer, make sure your philosophy matches their process and methods.

Compassion and empathy – often, you form a close relationship with the baby sleep trainer, as working with someone to overcome any challenge is always a bonding experience. Given that you are likely to develop a close working relationship with your consultant, your baby sleep therapist should care about you, your baby and honour your parenting style. Do you want to hire a gentle baby sleep consultant? If so, make sure whoever you choose, offers the more gentle baby sleep training methods.

Training, experience and testimonials – what training has the baby sleep consultant done? Do they hold relevant qualifications? How many years experience do they have? Are they are ‘newborn baby sleep consultant’ or do they only work with certain age groups? Does the baby sleep therapist have others to vouch for their services? Often, sleep therapists receive feedback, reviews and testimonials on their Facebook pages, website, Instagram, LinkedIn profile or on parenting blogs which may help you in your decisions.

Support – Do you need an In-Home baby sleep program where the sleep consultants comes to you? Do you live further out than Sydney and need your sleep consultant to travel to your home?

On going support – teaching your baby how to sleep through the night, sometimes is not a quick fix. Does the baby sleep coach support and guide you during and following the sleep consultations?

If so, what does the support consist of? And how long does the support last for?

Referrals – you can ask one of your mums at mothers groups, friends or local parenting Facebook groups to see if they have already reached to other baby sleep consultants for help and can make a recommendation.

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Whether you are a mother of a newborn or 2 year old, it’s never too early or too late to start teaching your little ones how to sleep through the night. If you have a baby or young child who is having sleeping difficulties, and you have tried almost everything to help them sleep better, maybe you need to take it one step further and look to hire a Baby Sleep Consultant in Sydney now.

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