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Big misconception bust alert!

Your child relying on you in their early years will actually allow them to be independent and trust themselves later on despite popular misconception.

Now, let me be clear, our society is obsessed with independence, but that’s not really the goal. We ALL have to be able to connect with others to function in relationships, work, and life.

This is why we want a balance of both independence and the ability to connect with others.

✨AND GUESS WHAT✨ responding to and supporting your child in their early years helps them manage this balance later on.

In Sroufe’s longitudinal study in Minnesota, it was found that secure children who learned that their parent would help them regulate painful emotions accumulated confidence in their own ability to regulate emotions, resulting in greater self-esteem and self-confidence.

In Ainsworth’s studies, she found that babies that were picked up when they cried actually cried less later on because they learned that their signals were effective and they could have the flexibility to use other signals as they became available.

Fear of dependence comes from generational and societal messages that are toxic and inaccurate.

Connect with and support your child and block out ✋ the noise of those that tell you otherwise.

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This post originally appeared on the @babiesandbrains Instagram account, and it has been published here with permission.


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